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I require Areviews Import integrations with ANTDIY so that i can import aliexpress reviews through Integration services. 

Posted: 3 days ago

When other products have not imported reviews, is it possible to not display the star icon on the product page? Only show the star icon on the product page of the imported reviews

Posted: 1 week ago

This is what I would like to be added: - Customers should be able to receive an email with a coupon code when they submit a site review. This is useful for: - When you want to reward a customer with a gift card when they leave a site review....

Posted: 2 weeks ago

I would like the ability of controlling the sequence of pinned reviews. At the moment I just pin them but I don't know which is going first or not

Posted: 2 weeks ago

I hope to import reviews by variants. Let me be more clearly. I'm selling kids bikes.  Let's say bmx model, it has 5 sizes 7 colors. On Amazon, it's all in one listing. See link: <a href="https://www.amazon.com/Royalbaby-RB...

Posted: 2 weeks ago

Make it possible to send customers a review request by email manually. Meaning I could send an email to my customer requesting a review when I want and not automatically say after X number of days.

Posted: 2 weeks ago

I would like to have the ability as a site owner to decide which of reviews will be published on the site and which will not, in fact make an approval for each reviews before it is published.

Posted: 3 weeks ago

Hello i was interested in google rating program so i was checking google shopping page of your app in which you are stating all the requirements i need to possess before submitting the rating feed to google ....  i see that their is a limitat...

Posted: 3 weeks ago

Hello. We would buy products from Stylekorea to resell. By the way, the site has reviews that Amazon doesn't have, so, sometimes I feel necessary to get the reviews from the site. Could you add function to get reviews from the site?...

Posted: 3 weeks ago

It would be great to have our and other Etsy sellers product / store reviews imported into our Shopify store page and products

Posted: 4 weeks ago
Awesome Image

can we put your app review from A shop to B shop,they are both belong to us´╝îbecause now we can only copy our shop review by send the link to your support team which is  way too slow and poor efficiency.

Posted: 4 weeks ago

Hello, I enjoy the current feature where the star rating and reviews are easily accessible in the product page. However, if possible I would appreciate it if the star rating were also displayed while viewers are scrolling through the catalo...

Posted: 4 weeks ago

Hi! Is it possible to set manually the total amount of reviews on product page, not depending on number of already imported reviews (I just want to manually change the number of reviews nearby stars indicator) 

Posted: 4 weeks ago

where is the reviews page on the navigation section like in the video ? 

Posted: 1 hour ago

Hi support, my product reviews are not shown in google shopping ads. Is this feature available in Areviews? 

Posted: 1 week ago

Hi i was editing the code for my website trying to make it faster and i deleted the code for the reviews section and starts above the products

Posted: 1 week ago

Hi im trying to move the star ratings on my pruduct page (not collection) so that its alined with the title and price 

Posted: 2 weeks ago

Please import all reveiws for me in bulk there is too many pages

Posted: 3 weeks ago

how to create a page with all reviews.

Posted: 3 weeks ago

Hello. I'd like to change the yellow color for star to what I want. Please, let me know simple way to customize it. Thanks.

Posted: 3 weeks ago
Awesome Image Awesome Image

I'd like to add the staus of review under the product tile like competitor's site. I enclosed files like my own shop and competitor's shop.   Thanks.

Posted: 3 weeks ago

Hello, i can't remove the date on my reviews page, check on https://fastbeard.fr and my areviews settings

Posted: 1 month ago