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Welcome to Areviews

How To Use The App ?

PageFly Integration

How To Set PageFly Integration

Codes used in video

  • 1: <div id='az_reviews' class='az_reviews AReviewsApp' data-product_id='product.id'></div>
  • 2: <div id='Areviewsapp' class='page-full'>{% render 'aliexpress_reviews' %}</div>

  • How To Set PageFly Integration

    These are the options you have to do:

    • Login or Install PageFly APP: Click Here
    • Click On The Template You want to the reviews in: See Example
    • Click on Third part elements, on the left bar: See Example
    • Search for Reviews apps and enable Areviews App elements: See Example
    • Finally Drag and drop the elements anywhere in the template: See Example
    • Note: Some elements requires paid plan to work, like Carousel or Badge.