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Emily R Verified  verify

I started using CLEANSE around 3 weeks into IPL and I can definitely see a difference… my leg hairs are thinning out way faster & the skin’s never felt smoother. Always been iffy on exfoliating bc of my red bumps but CLEANSE doesn’t just not aggravate them… it practically makes them disappear!

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John D Verified  verify

I’m all in on natural skincare so the spring water beads were a huge plus for me. And they did not disappoint… they seriously just disappear when you wash. Love the jojoba oil and fruit extracts too. Smells SO good after.

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Priya K Verified  verify

Wow wow… feels like a day spa at home. Really luxurious scrub. Not overly scratchy but you don’t have to really RUB rub it in either. Did my treatment a few hours ago and can’t stop touching my skin. Leaves behind this little layer of moisture that’s not sticky at all.

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Jamie W Verified  verify

Was kinda doubtful about the whole 'dissolving beads' thing with CLEANSE, but holy moly, they weren't kidding. It's like giving your skin a super gentle hug and then getting zapped with the IPL. Smooth sailing and smoother skin.

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Mike L Verified  verify

Finding CLEANSE was like hitting a skincare jackpot for me. Not only does it prep my skin perfectly for IPL, making the hair removal process faster and more efficient, but it also means less time worrying about hair and more time enjoying smooth, bump-free skin. It's been a huge confidence booster.

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Lisa M Verified  verify

So this is pretty crazy… you know the little red bumps some people get on their arms etc? Well I did the IPL + CLEANSE IPL routine on my forearms for a couple weeks and it’s not just the hair that’s fading away… it’s the red bumps too. Anyone else?

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Nadia J Verified  verify

My sister recommended CLEANSE to me, and I rolled my eyes. 'Another product?' But I'm eating my words now. It's like it buffs my skin to perfection, making the IPL do its thing even better. I'm smooth, I'm soft, I'm sold.

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Sam K Verified  verify

Gave CLEANSE a whirl, not expecting much. But holy cow, it's good stuff. Makes the whole IPL gig way better, and my skin's thanking me. Plus, no gritty weirdness after. A+

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Jackson B Verified  verify

It’s like someone put on IPL turbo mode! I think I’ll be done at around 8 weeks at this rate… was worried it’d hurt, but the whole routine actually feels super nice.

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Kelsey Verified  verify

I've been a loyal fan of 5MinSkin products for years, so I was eager to give their Body Scrub a try! I can't emphasize enough how much I adore it! I've struggled with dry, bumpy skin for ages, and it was quite embarrassing. I used to hide my arms in the summer. But after using this scrub, I was amazed at how smooth and soft my skin became! To maintain these results, I use it every few days. It's absolutely worth the investment. And let's not forget the delightful scent! I'm sensitive to strong fragrances, and this one hits the perfect balance—just enough to smell wonderful without being overpowering.

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