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Erin B Verified  verify

My bathroom counter used to be a graveyard of failed hair removal gadgets, till I tried this. It's actually doing what it promised, and I'm not cringing at my bank statement. Plus, my partner loves how my skin feels too.

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Olivia H Verified  verify

I was tired of the constant shaving cycle, so I tried out 5MinSkin and bought the full treatment kit since I was in ti. Best decision ever. My skin's never been smoother, and I've even noticed fewer ingrown hairs. It's like a spa treatment at home.

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Jamie S Verified  verify

I tried razors, waxing, hair removal spray, creams, everything. Nothing worked… but this is different. It's easy, it's fast, and for once, I'm not dreading summer.

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Kate B Verified  verify

Was pretty lazy about using it at first honestly… But once I got into the routine, the results were undeniable. Less hair, smoother skin, and no more last-minute shaving before events. This thing's amazing

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Caitlyn T Verified  verify

I love the full treatment kit! The body scrub feels amazing on my skin, and the moisturizing cream leaves me feeling fresh and ready for the next treatment. Leg hair softening after just 2 weeks and no more daily shaving routine. Plus, this device is so easy to handle.

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Janet Verified  verify

Never thought I'd ditch my wax lady, but here we are. This gadget is a game-changer. The body scrub and moisturizer cream are now my favorites. My skin has never been smoother! Freedom feels smooth!

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Zoe D Verified  verify

Guys, the hair removal’s great and all… but did you ever feel your skin afterward? It’s SO soft. I did it for the full 8 weeks and now I don’t think my skin’s ever felt so smooth. Even more than after a waxing appt… idk how to describe it even, it’s just amazing.

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Jenna K Verified  verify

TMI: I had to shave my legs every day for years. Skin was so red I couldn’t wear dresses anyway… 5minskin changed that in around 6 weeks. Can't believe I'm saving so much time in the mornings now. And no more razor burns!

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Alex J Verified  verify

Got the SCULPT 2.0 for my wife, ended up using it more than she does. My chest and back hair are under control for the first time in years. It's pretty easy to use, and man, the results speak for themselves.

Tasha R Verified  verify

Okay, so I was the biggest skeptic. Hair removal at home that actually works? But here I am, four weeks in, and the difference is noticeable. Less hair, and what's there is way softer.

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