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Latest Updates

Updated The Extension

Updated the extension for Oberlo in order to match with their new design structure

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Added Aftership Integration

You can now send message on delivery using Aftership app

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Improved Design Page Style

We added new way to select styles to make it easier

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Improved Amazon Importing Speed

We Improved amazon importing speed since it become slow after new amazon update

Added New Translations

Added new translation and fixed some errors in some translations

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Fixed Shein Date Issue

Some of reviews dates comes in future we fixed the issue and now all of dates will be inserted currently

Added Translation For Reviews Page Title

You can now change the reviews page main title to whatever you want

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Added Zoom For Reviews Images On Mobiles

Added new feature for reviews images where your visitors can now zoom all the images for any review on mobiles

Fixed Modalyst issues

Fixed issues in modalyst where it wasn't showing the correct reveiws number, and taking wrong info from the app.

Fixed Importify Issues

Fixed issue related to importify where it was getting wrong shop name due updates in importify app

Improved Some App Codes

We Improved some codes in the app and server to speed up the loading

Fixed Many Issues Related To Speed

We moved to new server and improved many codes to speed up the app loading and you will notice now it's loading faster in your website.

Moving to Dedicated Server

We are moving to bigger server to handle any number of requests and to keep the app running all the time. the process will take 3 days from now

Added Import All Orders

You can now Import all your orders so your customers can see them in orders section if enabled

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Improved the extension performance

Added new codes to prevent the extension to add extra load on the servers so less errors you will get when importing

Added Support For Shopmaster App (Extension)

You can now use the extension to import reviews from Shopmaster app

Updated the extension

Improved and fixed some issue in importify app with some other improvements

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Added More Translations

Added translation for theme 3 and new extra rating box below the product title

Improved Default Reviews

Added option to choose the import from your own reviews or randomly from database

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Improved Google Shopping

Improved Google shopping and fixed some issue also added option to delete old feed and start fresh

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Added New Rating Box Under Product Title

Now you can hover over product title to see the new rating box appear under it

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Added model feature to orders section

Added new modal box to orders under the title so it will open new box once customer click on it

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Added Loading Pagination For Reviews Page

Added load more pagination type for reviews page

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Added Disable New Reviews Notifications

You can now disable reviews notification by clicking in any page on the top menu bar there are 3 lines on the right click on it and you will see the new option

Added Customers Orders Section

Added new feature to show all orders in product page

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Improved Customers Reviews Page

Added product link to Customers reviews Page

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Improved Customers Emails Page

Added Comment and product link to Customers Emails Page

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Fixed bulk importing issue for Modalyst

Fixed bulk importing issue for Modalyst it wasn't importing all products

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Improved collection rating

Added parentheses when show stars and reviews numbers only option is selected

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Added Translations Options To load more button

Added new trnslations options to load more pagination type

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Added no duplication option

New duplication option to prevent adding more reviews to products already have reviews

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Improved main theme 3

We added new codes and fixed some issues for main theme 3 to work better

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Fixed images pop slider issue

Fixed images pop up slider in the reviews where some time it wasn't working correctly

Fixed some issue in modalyst extension

Fixed infinite loop issue in modalyst app with the extension

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Added support for new oberlo template

Oberlo updated their template therefore we add support for new one

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Added New Main Theme

Added New Main Theme to be 3 and it the rating will be floating beside the reviews

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Updated Amazon code

Updated Amazon code to match with the new reviews template

Added Support For Expressfy App

You can now import from Expressfy easily using the extension

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Added Support For Modalyst App

You can now import from Modalyst easily using the extension

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Added Support For new Amazon links

Some amazon links starts with https://www.amazon.com/d/ wasn't working, but we added new code to support this type or urls

Fixed Default Reviews Issue

Fixed an issue where default reviews will not show for new added products

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Added Hide Slider Reviews Number Option

You can now hide the slider reviews number so it doesn't give wrong idea as if you have few reviews number for all products

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Added Support For Dropified Multiple Stores

Now you can use the extension with muliple stores without issues

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Added Messages scheduler & reviews form

Now you can send messages to your customers on specific time and request for a reviews from the email, also you can send second message for coupon after writing a review

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Fixed get url issue

There was an issue with Get url due google updates and it's fixed now

Added Load More Button Styles

You can now change add more button colors

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Added Show Slider Reviews For Visited Product

Show Slider reviews only for visits products instead of random reviews for all products

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Improved images stretch for reviews

Improved images stretch for image to look more natural in small size

Added Translations For The Slider

Now you can translate the slider texts to your language

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Added new changes to google feeds feature

Added new changes for google feeds to meed with google requirements

Added Images Counters

Added new images counters for theme1,4 and 9

Added Delete All Visitors Button

Added Button to delete all visitors data to start fresh

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Remove Rating From Product Title

Added option to remove the rating (5.0) from product title & and it will only shows stars and reviews number

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Improved & Fix CSV Reviews Importer

Improved CSV Importer and fixed several bugs

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Fixed Default Reviews Feature

Fixed bug in default reviews it was showing same number of reviews for all products. It's not working better than before.

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Fixed & Improved Bulk Publishing

We improved publishing and unpublishing bulk speed action to few seconds, it was taking so long time to do the action.

Added New Pagination Type

Added Load more pagination to change the default style so it will load reviews by licking on load more button

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Added New Date Styles Options

You can now select between date styles to the one fit your needs

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Added New Positions For PopUp

Added new top positions for popup with new improvements for reviews selections

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Added New Rating Style

Add new rating style for reviews header so the total styles are 4 now

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Added Cart Reviews Feature

Cart Reviews Enables you to show reviews related to selected products in the cart

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Added Google Shopping Feature

Added Google Shopping where you can show reviews in google Ads

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Updated Extension For Oberlo

New Extension Update For Oberlo new system with new improvements

Added New Badge Widget

New Badge Widget has been added and ready to use

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Added CSV Files Importer

Add new feature to import reviews from CSV files

Auto Theme Code Installation

Added New system to install the code once you publish new theme

Increase App Loading Speed

Installed new codes for all stores to increase loading speed

New Search Options

Added new 5 search options types

New App Theme

Added new & better theme for the app

Added Support For Shien

Now you can import from shien website

Email Notification

New System send email on new review

Copy Reviews

Added new system to copy reviews to another product

Release Number V 4.1 25/08/2018

1. Increase App Loading Speed: Changed many codes in the app to increase reviews loading speed.

2 Auto Theme Code Installation: Whenever you switch for new theme the app will detect that and install the code for you.

3. Added CSV Files Importer: Added CSV Importer as Demo version to import existing reviews to our system.

4. Added New Badge Widget: New Badge Widget has been added and ready to use

5. Improving Importing System: Added new code to increase websites requests limitations

6. Improvements in app theme: Added new codes to improve the theme on some pages.

7. Reviews Design Improvement: Added extra codes to improve the reviews look on small devices.

8. Fixed Several Bugs: Fixed bugs reported by users or by auto errors reporting system

Release Number V 4.0 09/08/2018

1. Changed The Theme Completely: Added new & better theme for the app.

2 Many Improvements: New options and pages with the new theme

3. Add Support For Shien Website: Now you can import from shien website.

4. Added Support For Amazon.ed: Now you can import reviews from Amazon.ed

5. Email Notification: New System send email on new review.

6. Copy Reviews: Added new system to copy reviews to another product.

7. Remove duplicated reviews New filter system to remove any duplication in the reviews.

8. Collection stars: Add new several options to collections stars.

9. Translation For Everything: Now Every text in the app can be translated to your language.

10. Scroll Down Improvement When the reviews in a tab it will open it and scroll down.

11. Increased App Speed Now the reviews will show faster on your store.

12. Fixed Importing Bug: Fixed some bugs in importing system

13 Fixed Importify: fix importify issue with the extension

14. Fixed Other Bugs: Fixed bugs reported by users or auto errors reporting system

Release Number V 3.9 09/07/2018

1. Extension Auto Importing: Added Feature to auto import reviews for Oberlo users.

2. Extension Bulk Importing: Added Feature import reviews for all products you have in one click.

2. Dropified Improvement: Now you can import reviews from connected page and your store name page.

3. Extension Importing Details: New System to show how many reviews the filters removed in the extension.

3. Importing Details System: New System to show how many reviews the filters removed in the app.

4. New Duplication Filter New Filter to remove all duplicated reviews.

5. Bulk Names Changing: Change all customers names for all reviews.

6. Names Probability System: Added Probability system to choose how many male and female names you want.

7. Aliexpress UserName Added feature to import aliexpress names.

8. Fixed Importing Bug: Fixed some bugs in importing system

9 Fixed Design Bugs: There was an issue with some pages it won't redirect you when you click on the product title.

10. Fixed Other Bugs: Fixed bugs reported by users or auto errors reporting system

Release Number V 3.8 21/06/2018

1. Added Amazon: You can now import reviews from amazon.

2. Improved Importing System: Now the system is more accurate & efficient to import all reviews without and issue

3. Added Free Plan Now you can use the app for life time for free but with some limitation

4. Added Coupon Generator: When you activate the message order feature you can enable Coupon to send generate and send them automatically for on each order

5. Improved Upload Image Design: The Upload images UI has better looking and show thumbnails when selection images.

6. Improved Extension The Extension now will save latest selected options.

7. Added Background Color For Reviews Section: You can change the whole reviews section background within the app.

8. Improved Dropified Reviews Counter: Now The Reviews Counter will show for all products all the time

9. Fixed Title Click: There was an issue with some pages it won't redirect you when you click on the product title.

10. Fixed Other Bugs: Fixed bugs reported by users or auto errors reporting system

Release Number V 3.7 1/06/2018

1. Added New Complete Theme: New type of Themes will be added each month

2. Added Affiliate Program: Now you can earn by referring users your your friends to the app

3. Import without description Import reviews without comments

4. Names Generators: You can now control the names generator to choose male,female or both.Click Here

5. Added Flag & Country Code: You can show flag with country code in the reviews.

6. Change Inputs Status You can make writing reviews inputs optional or mandatory

7. Bulk Flag Changing You can change the flags randomly based on countries you select

8. Save Table Rows Number: When you select Row Number it will be saved for all products

9. Improved Default Reviews: You can Import reviews from Aliexpress instead of database

10. Improved Replace Option: Replace option now support insensitive case

11. Added clean Links Features: The app will clean links to prevent getting error if it's too long

12. Fixed View Reviews: When you import reviews for multi products it was redirecting to same product

13. Fixed Reviews Counter: The system was counting unpublished reviews

14. Fixed Other Bugs : Fixed bugs reported by users or auto errors reporting system

Release Number V 3.6 19/05/2018

1. Added Custom Popup Message: You can change popup message to whatever you want

2. Added Manual Reviews Option: Insert Manual reviews With images

3. Upload Images Option Added option to add images to any review in the app

4. Added Visitor Page Pagination: Add Pagination to visitors page to see old visitors.

5. Manual Reviews First: Made manual reviews appear first in manage reviews page.

6. Improved Ger URl Option Increased get reviews limitation through chrome extension

7. Improved Collection Rating Added more controlles to collection rating including translation

8. Improved Importing Reviews: Now It can import reviews more efficiently

9. Fixed Extension Issue: Fixed reviews number not showing when the reviews is not published

10. Fixed Manage Reviews Design: Improved design when you edit review

11. Enable Or Disable S: Added option to prevent adding s after review name for products that has +2 products

12. Removed No Duplication: Removed no duplication feature because it causes lots of issues

Release Number V 3.5 09/05/2018

1. Added Slider Feature: You can choose between two silders themes

2. Improved Sorting: Sorting can work now in pagination so it won't change when you go to another page

3. Reviews Page Pagination animation Added pagination animation for review page requested by(Arista Geme) Shops

4. Added More Translation:Added Translation for new feature like sorting.

5. Improved Get URl: Now you will get more accuret link when you use get url in import reviews page.

6. Improved Extension Bulk Action The bulk action now works better

7. Improved Extension Reviews Number: The reviews number shows within 2 seconds instead of 5 seconds

9. Improved popup design: Popup design had some issue so all of them are fixed

10. Improved App speed: Improved app speed for some features

11. Fixed Other Bugs : Fixed bugs reported by users or auto errors reporting system

Release Number V 3.4 29/04/2018

1. Added Customers Emails: Added page where you can see and downland your customers emails

2. Filter Page: Enable to remove or replace words or prices requested by(99accessory) Shop

3. Save Menu Styles The menu style will be saved when you change it Click Here

4. Aliexpress Mobile Links :Add support for Aliexpress mobile links that start with m.

5. Added install theme files option: You can install reviews file when you change your shop them from design page.

6. Improved App speed Imroved app pages loading from 7 seconds to 3 seconds

7. Improved Products Search : Added new search option and you can search for products even if you have over 100000

8. Added space between first and last name: add space between first and last name instead of dot

9. Fixed images slider: show sliders arrows on hover

10. Fixed Reviews Page: Fixed Reviews page loading speed for selected reviews option

11. Fixed Other Bugs : Fixed bugs reported by users or auto errors reporting system

Release Number V 3.3 18/04/2018

1. Added Popup Widget: Show reviews each few seconds with ability to click on it to go to product page

2. Added Manage Images Page: Enable you to see & delete the images in fast way Requested by(99accessory) Shop

3. Improved Collection Ration Now it loads within 2-3 seconds

4. New Themes :1 for reviews & one for answers and questions

5. Font Options: Added three options to change the reviews font Requested by(plesier) Shop

6. Improved importing reviews The importing reviews will keep searching until it get the sacrificed number of reviews

7. Fixed Importing error : Fixed issue in importing for some products

8. Fixed Other Bugs : Many bugs reported by users or auto errors reporting system and all of them are fixed

Release Number V 3.2 07/04/2018

1. Added Questions & Answers: Enables your customers to ask questions and you can answer them instead of messages

2. Added Rating Box To Reviews Page: You can enable or disable the rating box for reviews pages

3. Bulk Options : You can delete or change status for multiple products at once Requested by(tiashop-de) Shop

4. Lazyload Feature This feature will improve your google score by loading the images when user scroll to reviews section

5. Fixed Oberlo Errors : Fixed Oberlo url not found & bulk importing reported by (majesticlife) shop

6 Fixed Importify : Fixed Importify after theny updated the dashboard reported by (spicynoodleshop) shop

7 Fixed App Design : Fixed App design to work on small deviced

8. Fixed Other Bugs : Many bugs reported by users or auto errors reporting system and all of them are fixed

Release Number V 3.1 20/03/2018

1. Added Dropified integration: Added dropified integration to the extension to make the number of infractions 3 Requested by (aloverof)Shop

2. Added bulk importing to extension: added feature to enables you to import all products in each pages in one click

3. Added No Duplicated option : Added no duplicated option to control the reached page in order to add reviews from other products and start from page 1 Requested by (zstore) Shop

4. Added No Reviews Feature: Added option to remove the stars in collection when product has no reviews also in the product page Requested by (tailoringtots)Shop

5. Added Default Reviews feature: Enable you to have default reviews for all products in one click requested by (aristagems)Shop

6. Change Loading Animation: Enable you to change the loading animation requested by (worryfreemarket)Shop

7. Added Sort Option: Enables your customers to sort the reviews (worryfreemarket) shop

8. Added Accept Aliexpress Reviews Manually: This option makes Aliexpress reviews won't show on your store until you publish them (tailoringtots) shop

9. Added Removal Filter: This option will remove all comments that have any of the words you specify

10. Import reviews with content: This option enables you to import reviews with or without content

11. Added Import Without Images Filter: You can import reviews without images which help you to import reviews from other products.

12. Video Tutorials: Added many videos to explain most of the features in the app.

13. Imported Victors detection system : Added many systems to replace failed services with another one to detect visitor location.

14. Imported Collection stars : Improved collection stars for themes that uses ajax requests to load products.

15. Fixed menu auto scroll : Added feature to make submenu scroll when you click on one of the main menu.

16. Fixed Reviews Page : Fixed the reviews page to make website domain to appear when you click on see product instead of shopify store name reported by (wear.style) shop

17. Fixed Oberlo Error : Fixed Oberlo url not found reported by (feroz.khan) shop

18. Fixed Other Bugs : Many bugs reported by users or auto errors reporting system and all of them are fixed

Release Number V 3.0 05/03/2018

1. Order Messages: Ask you customers who made purchase to write a review by email.(requested by Discount-dealsy)Shop

2. Collection Rating: make the stars rating to appear on each product in your collection pages (Requested by many)shops

3. Oberlo & Importify Integration: Import reviews directly from Oberlo or Importify (Requested by many shops)

4. Who can write review option: add 3 option for who can write a review 1- by visitors 2- registered customers 3- who purchased the product

5. Rviews SEO: enable search enchains to see the reviews to increase your website ranking also the rating will appear in the search results (requested by discount-dealsy)Shop

6. Added boxed style: You can choose between open and boxed style

7. Added Shadow to boxed style: You can add or remove the shadow from box style(requested by Seraie)shop

8. Added statement if product has no reviews: added be the first one to review the product (requested by Spicynoodle) Shop

9. Added s to reviews based on reviews number: if reviews is 1 it will add review otherwise it will add reviews (requested by Spicynoodle) Shop

10. Multiple flag options: 1-flag icon with name on hover 2- country name 3- country code (requested by Spicynoodle) Shop

11. Added request page Added request page to add the new features to the new stores faster

12. Improved themes design add many feature to the designs to look better and support more browsers

13. Fixed many bugs Many bugs reported by users or auto errors reporting system and all of them are fixed

Release Number V 2.2 19/02/2018

1. Added reviews page feature

2. Added feature to decide who can write reviews

3. Added English only filter (requested by Spicynoodle shop)

4. displaying new products first to make it easier to find

5. Added new styles

6. Added new translations

7. Added comment (be the first one to review the item) to the product that have no reviews (requested by spicynoodle shop)

8. Fixed no duplication feature (you can add more reviews to the same product and no duplication will occur)

9. Fixed adding new products (sometime it doesn't appear in the app)

10. Fixed many other bugs

Release Number V 2.1

1. Added rating stars below product title (requested by LoxLux Jewelry shop)

2. Added half border width option to the top border

3. Improved app speed

4. Fixed importing products issue from Shopify (Requested by Seya Shop)

5. Fixed other issues

Second Release V 2.0

1. Made completely new design for the control panel

2. Search bar shows in all pages

3. New Home page

4. Redesigned all pages completely

5. Added sortable and searchable tables

6. Multiple Bulk options for tables

7. Added pin review feature

8. Added reviews number & including percentage chart for each star

9. Added visitors numbers for each product in all pages

10. Visitors page including map location and many charts

11. can view specific products visitors

12. Added new themes with many options to have full control over the theme

13. improve translation design and added more translations

14. improve Reviews themes to work on all browsers and added some improvement

15. New Updates page

16. You can add more reviews to existing reviews, There won't be any reviews duplication

17. And many other features

Initial Release V 1.0

1. Import Reviews

2. Latest Customer Reviews

3. Products page

4. General options

5. Design options

6. Translation options

7. Request a feature

8. FAQ page

9. Get URl

10. Delete all reviews

11. Edit all reviews

12. Search by tile & tags